A True 4PL Partner can Help Weather a Turbulent Economic Climate

A True 4PL Partner can Help Weather a Turbulent Economic Climate


How integrating your business with Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions can support supply chain
stability during times of economic uncertainty, and business growth during times of prosperity


As speculation of an economic recession works its way into boardroom discussions, more companies will turn to external supply chain partners to manage financial constraints and drive operational efficiencies.One of the key ways to ensure your supply chain is prepared for market volatility is to partner with a fourth-party logistics company (4PL), such as Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions.

According to Brian Ware (Managing Director, Cedric Millar) “a strong 4PL will add tremendous value in even the most complex supply chains. At Cedric Millar we are 100% focused on providing customers with the very best people, process, suppliers, and technology to drive out waste and support growth in this unique Canadian, and larger North American, market.”

Cedric Millar uses deep industry expertise, along with a strategic focus, in order to form integrated, long-term partnerships with our customers and our large network of trusted suppliers. Our robust experience, and ultimate pursuit, is in building and executing optimized supply chain solutions for shippers and manufacturers across North America.

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A true 4PL partner will work to know your business like an insider: speaking your language, understanding your constraints and culture, and seizing opportunities. This type of integrated model means that even during times of economic downturn when most companies are trying to keep their head above water, Cedric Millar will be scouring every facet of your supply chain for opportunities to improve your business, using the principles of Lean Six Sigma and measured by your KPI’s.

Partnering with a 4PL like Cedric Millar allows shippers to focus on what they do best.

Additional benefits include:

  • Comprehensive benchmarking of your network’s “current state”
  • Increased visibility and control over compliance: it’s wise to be familiar with different regulations and how they’re handled in each country. In fact, it’s the law.
  • Access to economies of scale as a result of buying services on behalf of our other customers: Cedric Millar currently has 650+ suppliers in Canada and 10,000+ in North America.
  • Opportunity for data-driven decision making and dramatic cost reductions.


As an example, key players from the Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions leadership team worked with a hard goods distributor delivering to a network of 4,000 independent dealers across some of Canada’s most remote cities, with half empty trucks and continuously rising costs.

The team was able to double proposed cost savings and provide 95% on-time delivery.

It’s proof that the strategic, data-driven services of a true 4PL partner can move a customer from shipping air to breathing easy.Cedric Millar looks forward to enabling companies’ stability by managing fluctuating supply chain costs,
driving operational efficiencies, and seizing opportunities for continuous improvement.
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