Cedric Millar combines years of tradition and experience with innovative new ways of thinking. Through collaboration and strategy, we develop and execute unique quality solutions that result in improved service, increased profits, and peace of mind for our clients.

– Brian Ware, Managing Director

When you put something on a truck and drive to a delivery location, it’s a

tactical maneuver.

But when you’re moving thousands of products to multiple points in all directions through different modes at the same time, you need more than tactics: you need an intelligent strategy.

That’s where Cedric Millar comes in.

We specialize in building, implementing, and integrating with you to execute optimized supply chain solutions for shippers and manufacturers across North America.

We leverage

best-in-class suppliers and cutting edge technology

to drive improved service and process performance efficiency for our clients, resulting in a streamlined supply chain that improves service, eliminates waste, reduces costs, and increases profits for our customers.

Cedric Millar’s tradition of adapting and scaling cost-effective solutions for different verticals, companies, complexities, and scopes gives us the ability to optimize virtually every model of supply chain imaginable – including yours.

Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions currently operates out of two locations in the Greater Toronto Area and one in Montreal, with plans to expand into Vancouver in 2020. We also have complimentary operations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Los Angeles, California.

Moved by intelligence

Our 4PL supply chain solutions are made for companies who understand that success comes through integrated strategies executed with complete precision. We combine our wisdom, knowledge, and experience with today’s most innovative tools to give you intelligent solutions that create value for your company.

Canadian tech with global reach

Our made-in-Canada technology is critical to optimizing supply chains. It gives us – and you – complete visibility into your network and integrates with many CRM, ERP, telematics, financial, and customer service platforms to help you stay productive and keep your customers happy. It also supports all transport modes, including TL, LTL, courier, intermodal, and temperature-controlled, and seamlessly facilitates collaboration, getting data into the right hands for evidence-based decision-making, while keeping all stakeholders in the loop.

Fully collaborative process

As your long-term strategic partner, we take the time to get to your know your business like an insider. Our in-depth experience in warehousing and transportation gives us insights into every aspect of your supply chain system, from the loading dock to the corner office, from transport to the receiver, and at every point in between. We speak your language, understand your objectives, and identify every opportunity to overcome your challenges. At Cedric Millar, we believe that until you meet your objectives, we haven’t met ours.

Exceptional customer experience

We love what we do, and you can count on us for an enduring partnership based on listening, learning, evolving, and finding ways to improve. We share your sense of urgency to resolve issues, and are always just a phone call or email away when you need us. Our commitment to providing you with an exceptional customer experience with every interaction will always be our priority.

Lean, mean, and built for change

Our proactive supply chain solutions are designed based on Lean Six Sigma principles, eliminating waste and duplication, and with agility to easily pivot as your needs change. As your business evolves over time, we’ll be ready with innovative adjustments that keep your processes running smoothly and with maximum efficiency.

Our Strategic Innovators

We believe in the power of supply chain management to transform businesses for the better. As 4PL providers with deep roots in the industry, including decades of Canadian supply chain expertise, our leaders founded one of the largest transportation management companies in North America, and are now the go-to provider for any supply chain needs.

Doug Tozer

Founding Partner

“When I started in transportation in 1978, we used telex machines to send messages quickly. When I founded Wheels Group a decade later, data came in banker’s boxes. Today, we use powerful transportation management software to keep things moving. There have been a lot of changes in our industry over the years, but my unwavering commitment to find the right solution for our customers’ challenges remains the same.”

Brian Ware

Managing Director

“After years of learning about the many Canadian supply chain challenges faced by manufacturers and shippers across North America, I recognized the need for a Canadian-based solution provider to help solve transportation logistics in this unique market. We’re truly focused on providing customers with the very best people, process, suppliers, and technology to drive waste out and support business growth.”

Who is Cedric Millar?

Cedric Millar isn’t really a “who” – at least as far as we know! Cedric Millar is actually a combination of two names that bring tradition and innovation together:


an old Celtic name of nobility that literally means “bounty” (it’s also the middle name of one of our leaders…just a coincidence!)


a tribute to Canadian civil engineer John Millar, who is credited in inventing the center line on a road to prevent cars travelling in opposing directions from crashing. A simple but brilliant innovation still used to this very day!

Since our launch, the name Cedric Millar has become synonymous with innovative supply chain solutions that improve service, eliminate waste, cut costs, and increase profits.

The team at Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions has built a solid reputation of treating clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues with honesty, integrity, dignity, and respect. We believe in fostering a productive work environment in which diverse thoughts and ideas are welcome, learning is ongoing, innovation is key, and ethics are always top of mind. We’re also committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement to suppliers, clients, and in our own space – and having fun while doing it.


Supply Chain Solutions in Canada and the USA

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