Advanced Data Solutions for Supply Chain Optimization

Powered by Cedric Millar, Beacon Analytics integrates all your business data into one comprehensive view, allowing you to make strategic decisions based on accurate 360° intelligence and actionable insights.

Data-Driven Transformation for your Enterprise

With Beacon Analytics, your company will fully unlock the power of data to increase efficiencies, remove redundancies, and deliver better value to your customers. We will help close the data literacy gap and equip your teams to identify profitable business opportunities.

Cost-effective supply chain technology that builds profits

Maximize savings and streamline your supply chain process with our customizable solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we eliminate the need for costly capital investments, extensive training, and ongoing maintenance of proprietary software.

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Make sense of your data, no matter where it lives

Analyzing data pulled from multiple sources in different formats can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Beacon Analytics is designed to demystify and integrate data, providing easy-to-use dashboards, visualizations, robust reporting, and predictive analytics to take your business into the future.

Tech-driven Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Beacon’s powerful AaaS technology puts data to work for you with a customizable cloud-based business intelligence solution. Its end-to-end analytics capabilities organize, analyze, and present data that empowers your leadership to elevate the maturity of your analytics from simple descriptive reporting to predictive and prescriptive solutions.

What is prescriptive analytics?

Prescriptive analytics sits at the highest level of the data analytics maturity model. It combines historical data, real-time data feeds, and machine learning optimization models to deliver actionable recommendations, speeding up critical real-time decisions and enabling early course corrections, so that teams can get to their business goals sooner.

Beacon Analytics offers all the benefits of prescriptive analytics with a tech-driven solution that is as unique as your company.


Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Data Lakes

and Reporting

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Applications

Supply Chain Analytic Applications

Financial and Operational Analytics

Actionable AI and Machine Learning solutions

Account Management for Setup and Support

customer service

Learn more about our data-driven solutions by arranging a no-obligation discussion today!

Complete Visibility for Profit Boosting

Beacon Analytics gives you complete visibility into your day-to-day operations, including critical revenue and productivity drivers to cover all operational and working capital KPIs. Boost profitability by quickly and decisively solving complex business challenges that cost your company money.

Why Use Beacon Analytics


Become data-centric – access all internal and relevant external data through one common data model that is flexible and scalable


Leverage actionable insights to make continuous process improvements.


Improve visibility of customer behaviour, sentiments, and trends


Monitor operational performance and productivity in real-time


Reduce working capital by proactively identifying opportunities to transform accounts receivables, inventory, vendor performance, fill rates, and more


Enhance Customer experience by integrating analytics into customer applications


Leverage automated “what-if” scenarios and optimization models


Integrate analytics into customer applications to enhance the customer experience


Eliminate manual tasks and reliance on Excel spreadsheets


Decouple from expensive IT platforms and applications to reduce both IT and the shadow IT expenses (the hidden costs)

Beacon Analytics is powered by Cedric Millar, a best-in-class provider of the most trusted supply chain solutions, business intelligence and analytics in the market.

The data-driven technology offered in Beacon Analytics is the next evolution in transformative business services that cover every aspect of your organization, creating additional profits for our clients.


Paul Gallagher

Paul is Director of Engineering & Analytics at Cedric Millar. As the product lead behind Beacon Analytics, Paul is leading a dedicated team of data scientists, industrial engineers, and data engineers that make up the Beacon Analytics team.

Paul specializes in utilizing engineering first principles with the latest analytics tools to create high quality analytical solutions for our customers. His team brings years of industry experience focusing on building data solutions to optimize supply chains. Paul and the team are experts at understanding the story and context behind the data. This allows them to deliver an unparalleled level of service that continually creates excellent business value for our customers.

Brian Ware

Brian is Co-Founder and President of Cedric Millar, one of North America’s most trusted supply chain solution providers, creating strategic value for clients with the absolute best in people, process optimization, and technology-enabled solutions.

He specializes in developing and leading tactical strategies for manufacturers and shippers that help solve supply chain challenges and drive organic business growth. Brian’s innate talent for quality problem-solving, honed over decades as a leader in supply chain and logistics, is augmented by his ability to build high-performance teams and trusted partnerships that grow bottom lines for his clients

Plan for the future with confidence

Beacon Analytics takes the guesswork out of developing business strategy by giving you the information needed to make better, more confident decisions. Do not let your team waste any more time wrangling and analyzing complex data. Our solutions are completely scalable, customizable, and available on-demand through the cloud.

When you need insights and analytics quickly, Beacon Analytics delivers.

Discover the strength of a trusted partnership

Our data consultants take the time to learn every aspect of your business and use the information to develop a customized tech-driven solution based on your company’s particular needs. We will also create a detailed roadmap of goals, milestones, performance analytics, and monitoring to ensure ongoing process optimization.

Let us work together as trusted partners dedicated to your business success.

Transform your supply chain costs into profits

Contact us for a free consultation and transform your strategic decision-making with Beacon Analytics today.