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Mississauga, ON (April 24, 2021) Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions, Inc. (“Cedric Millar”), a Canadian owned and led supply chain solutions company, along with BrightMatter HR, a Canadian Human Resources Firm, are thrilled to announce the launch of The Pro-Fit™ Placement Service.

“Cedric Millar is very grateful to have welcomed over 20 new supply chain professionals over the last two years” says Brian Ware, Managing Director of Cedric Millar. “We have become very aware that our in-house talent, extensive network in the supply chain vertical, innovative process, and robust software, has given us a knack for guiding supply chain talent to the roles best suited for them. We do this within our own organization and the organizations we serve.”

The Pro-Fit™ Placement Service combines the focus on process efficiency and supply chain expertise of Cedric Millar, with the human resources capabilities of BrightMatter HR, to form what is sure to be a recruitment powerhouse in the supply chain industry. Utilizing market-leading HRIS software, Pro-Fit™ offers market-competitive packages, as well as a 90-day guarantee on their candidates- ensuring both employee and employer are satisfied with their decision.

“BrightMatter is a forward-thinking Human Resources Outsourcing Group that focuses on bringing a personalized touch, where the well-being of all team members is a priority”, says BrightMatter HR’s Managing Director, Jane Tozer. “BrightMatter’s values align with Cedric Millar’s, namely their commitment to quality, and to the highest level of ethics. We are looking forward to a successful partnership for us, our clients, and our candidates.”

The Pro-Fit™ Placement Service will aim to be recruiting “done well and done right” and will focus on
serving manufacturers and shippers within Canada and the US, placing ideal candidates in both contract
and salary roles across executive management, administration, and light industrial.


Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions is a leading Canadian 4PL provider specializing in: strategic supply chain – transportation and warehouse – management, capacity freight brokerage services, small package services, dedicated solutions, and consulting and engineering services. Cedric Millar’s robust experience, and ultimate pursuit, is in building and executing optimized supply chain solutions for shippers and manufacturers across North America. Cedric Millar leverages their best-in-class suppliers and technology to drive service and process improvements – resulting in reduced costs and enduring satisfaction for our customers. Cedric Millar has two locations in the Greater Toronto Area, one in Montreal, and another planned in Vancouver in 2021, as well as complimentary operations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Los Angeles, California.


BrightMatter HR is a Human Resources Outsourcing Group, specializing in delivering HR Administration, HR Outsourcing Services, as well as Recruitment Services in small to medium sized companies. At BrightMatter HR our focus is simple: we support our growing clients in all aspects of human resources and recruiting while focusing on the quality of people’s lives, as this directly impacts their quality of work. We recognize that teams today deserve more than a cold corporate HR experience, which is why we focus on bringing a personalized touch to outsourcing. The simplicity of our HR Outsourcing model allows for all team members and employers alike to be properly taken care of, so they are able to work at ease and drive the success of their business. BrightMatter HR dedicates themselves to taking care of the bright minds of each unique team, while freeing up the time for employers to take care of business.

For more information, please contact info@cedricmillar.com, or call 1 (888) 998-1009.

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