What is 4PL?

Managed by experienced experts, 4PL supply chain solutions integrate all stakeholders and suppliers to work together efficiently.

A Supply Chain Management Model that is Cheaper, faster and smarter.

4PL supply chain solutions integrate and adapt to your company’s growth and seasonal volume for a more efficient strategy. As a 4PL service provider, Cedric Millar manages all logistics for you, simplifying the process significantly.

Simply put, supply chain management is much easier with 4PL, while you enjoy significant cost savings that comes with a streamlined solution that creates real value for your company.

What does "PL" stand for?

PL is the acronym for Party Logistics. It refers to a different party that’s involved within the supply chain system. The number before the PL (as in 4PL) represents the number of parties involved within that process.


Manufacturers using the 1PL system handle their own shipping to vendors, warehouses, or ports, or individual vendors picking goods up directly from the manufacturer.



Shipping logistics are still managed in-house, but the manufacturers are using transportation services to move their goods. This could be a rail operator, trucking company, or ocean shipping company.



3PL added a third party to the traditional “shipper and carrier” setup in the form of outsourced companies that offered transport, cross docking, inventory management, packaging, and other supply chain services.


Flexible and Cost-Effective

4PL adds much needed strategy into the supply chain system. With a 4PL service provider, you have access to the best service providers on the market. You’re never locked in with one company, and can make adjustments as your needs change. 4PL also brings you significant cost savings as it is tech-based, not asset-based.

Why Cedric Millar

Outsourced single-point management of your entire supply chain system

Year-round system support and strategic consultancy

Wide range of best-fit supplier options through Cedric Millar’s extensive network

Offers economies of scale due to our large number of partnerships

Cutting-edge supply chain technology customized to your needs

Robust reports that allow for performance analysis, informed decision-making, and identifying areas of focus

Strategic reallocation of assets and human capital

Strategic business review framework to review operational and financial performance, and to develop continuous improvement projects

With Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions, you get more than a fully-managed 4PL supply chain solution. You also get a trusted partner committed to the growth of your company.

Transform your supply chain costs into profits

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