Powered by Cedric Millar, our Quest Driver Delivery Mobile App supports better management and tracking of drivers and equipment - making the delivery experience seamless for both driver and customer.

Empowering Seamless Communication

The mobile app facilitates quick communication between Driver and Manager + the Cedric Millar customer service team – allowing customers greater control over delivery operations and service reliability.

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Higher customer satisfaction

Improved service reliability & accountability

Tracking of OS&Ds, product returns & RMA

Reduced support

Unveiling the Power of Quest

Quest™ helps drivers understand their route details and manage their day-to-day deliveries. Quest™ allows drivers to capture delivery signatures, arrival date & time, freight pictures, driver’s notes, OS&D notes, and much more.

Give your drivers the support tools needed while on the road, such as: picture-taking, map to delivery location, delivery schedule, Record OS&D or failed delivery.

Transform your supply chain costs into profits

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