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Supply Chain Solutions

Highly personalized and well-managed 4PL solutions covering every aspect of your supply chain from warehousing, transportation, customs, and more.

Supply Chain Technology

Advanced technology to streamline operations and increase business profits.


Fully integrated partners who preserve the long-term health of our customers’ businesses, not just supply chain providers.

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You need an intelligent strategy that streamlines and integrates your entire supply chain system.

With a customized 4PL solution, we focus on the 80% of supply chain decisions that are made before a truck ever leaves your site.
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A commitment to quality

The team at Cedric Millar believes in the power of supply chain management to transform businesses for the better. It’s this philosophy that has allowed us to build a strong network of suppliers, giving our clients a large amount of options at a best price point possible.

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Our approach to dynamic freight co-mingling

Freight co-mingling is the dynamic combination of products from more than one shipper in a load for consolidation purposes, providing savings in transportation spend while improving or maintaining service levels and carbon footprint.

Planning Phase

We analyze and provide a tailored solution with logistics, supplier, and cost details.

Execution Phase

Using advanced supply chain technology, our reliable suppliers and the dedicated Cedric Millar team can help you cut unnecessary costs.

Review & Reporting

We monitor your solution closely to ensure improved efficiency, performance, metrics, and cost savings.


Transform your supply chain costs into profits

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