Featured Innovator: George Bartholomew

Featured Innovator George Bartholomew

Every other week, we acknowledge an individual throughout history who has brought long lasting innovation to the supply chain and logistics industry.

Our Featured Innovator this week is an American inventor contributed lasting innovation to our Supply Chain World by ensuring vehicles can easily move goods over the road. George Bartholomew moved to Bellefontaine, OH after learning about the cement production taking place there. When he arrived in the area, he discovered a large source of limestone and clay- and sought to use this material to innovate new road solutions. Bartholomew invented the first concrete pavement – and was eager to prove his invention to the world. He advocated to City Council for a few years before they approved him to pave a small test strip on main street. It was an instant success. 

Fun fact – a section of this street remains paved today with his formula, celebrated as the first concrete paved street in America. See pictures of it here: http://explorer.acpa.org/explorer/places/united-states/ohio/bellefontaine/street/old-us-30-lincoln-highway/
 The paving on Main Street was such a success that the City Council approved the pavement of Court Avenue, and eventually the surrounding streets as well; in total about 7,700 square yards, costing $2.25 per square yard. Bartholomew founded Buckeye Portland Cement Company shortly after this. 
Another fun fact: the concrete on the street has to be built 6 inches thick with hard aggregate so horseshoes wouldn’t wear the pavement down. 
George Bartholomew’s technique for making concrete pavement was quickly adopted throughout the US and Internationally, allowing quicker and more efficient movement of goods (and people). Can you imagine the amount of dust a 53’ trailer would kick up?! Bartholomew without a doubt had a lasting impact on the supply chain industry through his contribution of paved roads. Check back in two weeks for our newest innovator! Source: http://explorer.acpa.org/explorer/places/united-states/ohio/bellefontaine/street/old-us-30-lincoln-highway/


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